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Our Story

Spirant Group is at the start of an ambitious global mission...

Our global ambitions, your gains

At the Spirant Group we are focused on reshaping the way in which firms offering professional services operate – to better equip them to win more business, improve profitability and enhance the experience of their teams. Since our launch as a personal injury law firm in 2012, we have grown to become a team of more than 150 legal and tech experts with operations in the UK, Australia and the United States of America. We have shaken up markets, transformed how professional services are accessed in international territories and continue to provide companies with the necessary tools – people and technology – to achieve their full potential.

Our Businesses

Bringing Business Together

Our appetite to assist others led to the launch of Novus Claims Solutions.  A rich resource of paralegal, operational and administrative support, our “law firm in a box” provides practices with the tools needed to support business growth by mitigating the expense and investment of time in recruitment, retention and training activities. Similarly, we launched Zeus Tech Solutions in 2016 to help advance the use of technology across the legal sector. Driving business efficiencies through automation, it is now a leading provider of case management system support and a developer of bespoke products that are tailored to meet the needs of its clients.

Spirant brings together this expertise and innovation into a united and agile group, allowing us to deliver solutions at scale internationally and negating the need for our customers to speculatively invest capital. Our clients pay as they grow, not pay as they go. Spirant’s mission is already delivering, but our story’s just beginning.

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