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Novus Claims Solutions

Law firm in a box.

Delivering legal, paralegal, operational and administrative support, Novus Claims Solutions put quite simply is a Law Firm in a Box.

Novus Claims Solutions provide law firm clients with the tools to facilitate business growth without the overhead cost of recruitment, retention, training and management of staff.

When law firms work with Novus Claims Solutions they get the benefits of a team of legal, operational and administrative professionals.

The legal team are trained on the law and claims process of the country of operation and takes away the burden of processing claims in-house, allowing clients to focus on growing their market share and on areas of their business where they add the most value.

We utilise the most advanced case management systems to handle claims, giving our clients full visibility of case progress and ensuring that our service is as effective as if we were in the same office.

Operational and administrative support allows our clients to drive efficiency throughout their business saving both time and money.

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