Zeus is dynamic, co-operative and flexible. The team at Zeus is dynamic, easy to work with, co-operative and flexible, and I’ve not been programmed to say that. They have the same dedication to delivery and can-do attitude to business that we do and consequently we are more than happy to have them sit in our meetings with clients and promote them as a brand and as good people who you can trust. They created a magic box that allowed the documentation and data we captured to be fed back into Proclaim, significantly speeding up the client’s processes, with some actions that once took up to eight minutes reduced to a matter of seconds. Zeus were not limited by a particular product type or process – they are truly multilingual in a coding sense and want to help improve companies organisationally as well as technically. Software projects always have hiccups but when that happens they just turn up the volume on their efforts and find a solution; it is a characteristic that makes them great to have in your corner.

Paul Keefe, Clear Data